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We regularly conduct community events to spread awareness about our activities as well as locate relevant people to train.

HandiAfrica NPO, With Sustainability in Mind.

Our communities in Michell’s Plain have decided to use their excess fabric and cloth scraps from donations to make masks for our people who cannot afford to buy masks and are not getting any help from government. These products are beautifully made with love and are washable plain and floral-patterned masks. “We decided not to sell them, but to donate them to those in need,” “We’ve given them to communities, families, all those who cannot afford to buy them. 

We need your support; we need your sponsorship.

Volunteers in Mitchell's Plain caring for the community.

Covid 19 Hygiene Drive With Sustainability In Mind​

Mitchell’s Plain , Eastridge need masks. Please help us curb the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.



Bread & Cooked meals

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The feeding of the impoverished in our communities