Our Team

Our Team Members

We have teams in all 9 provinces , all communities, where so many of our unemployed are ready to benefit from HandiAfrica.

The selflessness of the volunteers fires up HandiAfrica to constructively address the crisis of unemployment in South Africa through a multi-disciplinary and multi-level system approach. The concrete strategy focuses on teaching poor members of communities – the youth, adults and elderly, both men and women – soft skills and practical competencies which will make them employable within their communities. The training is not a generalized skills development program but a personalized approach that matches the needs of the employing partners (local government, private companies, shops, stores, homes, small and medium enterprises, etc.) with the individual’s needs and aspirations. Our training focuses on Hygiene and Cleaning as well as Welfare.

Compassion and respect can be attested to by those of us who had and still have parents under our individual care, being a cook, cleaning our homes, taking care of our parents, our children, our siblings and always happy to share our knowledge and experience with others. HandiAfrica has an amazing team, with so much in common as so many of our communities, they are recipients of unemployment.

HandiAfrica understand the challenges our communities are experiencing, not only with our youth and younger children, but the end-of-life caring, including transport into the city for treatment, and access to basic and specialized services. HandiAfrica’s team consist of every community that are affected by the high unemployment crisis across all nine provinces.