HandiAfrica is a multi-disciplinary, multi-level system that has been designed to address the huge levels of unemployment in South Africa. South African unemployment is on the rise due to our dysfunctional eco-systems and slanted social construct that allows the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer.

At HandiAfrica, we want to change this by removing barriers and making sure that all people are able to put their skills to good use and find employment within their community.
Strong communities rise and stand for everyone. No one gets left behind. While some community members might need just a little ‘push’ towards the right direction in their life, others need someone who will care for them and support them on a daily basis. And we’re glad to do that.

Glad to offer a helping hand to everyone who needs it:

  • Social and Youth Development Programs and Activities
  • Seniors Assistance Lifestyle Enhancement 
  • Caring for Terminal and Frail Community Members
  • Integrating local government, leadership (schools & churches) and community.